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Right Place For Your Company Cars: WindyCar Corporate Car Rental

Contact our corporate sales team for your company's car rental needs

We would be glad to render service to you with our both daily and monthly models which provides flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

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KOYUNCU GROUP, who has over 50 years experience in Turkish Automotive Retail Sector brought a new wind to daily rent a car business with over half a century knowledge.

WindyCar is established with a strong financial structure, targeting to be the warmest and the most friendly car rental company in Turkish market with aim to give the best service with famous Turkish hospitality.

From the first day of start-up in 2013 / Istanbul. WindyCar has become the preferred mark of the customers seeking for high quality service an confidence with best price.

With a smartly established branch network in major airports Adana Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, İstanbul Airport, Antalya Airport, Dalaman Airport, Bodrum Airport, Kayseri Airport, Trabzon Airport and Ankara Train Station, Kuşadası, Yenibosna, Maltepe, Gaziemir, Zeynep Kamil town offices, airline and corporate customers have the opportunity to get services through an extending structure. WindyCar also aims to serve more customers in more airports in a wider terriority by adding more offices to its network due to customer needs and extending business plans in parallel sectors.

A brand new car fleet is served to customers who already got used to get the best service from us, customer satisfaction is the priority. 

WindyCar also became the first executer of the try & buy concept which gives the customer the opportunity to buy the rental car.

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Payment SECURE PAYMENT COMMITMENT : All of your purchases at Windycar.com.tr are 100% secure with SSL certificate. Your credit card information will be used for pos transaction and wouldn't be kept in our systems.