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Reservation & Rental Conditions



Only the people stated as driver on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rented vehicle.
Non of the insurance coverages may be available for the damages which may occur under the control of third parties.
You can contact our branches to add additional drivers to your contract if necessary.
Only 2 additional drivers can be added to a vehicle. The limitations for drivers age and driver license for the vehicle may be applied to main driver and also to additional drivers. 

Receiving the Vehicle:
You must have the following documents to receive the vehicle you reserved.

1) For Turkish citizens, valid driver's license issued by the competent authorities of Republic of Turkey
2-) A credit card issued n behalf of the lessor (double credit card required in some vehicle groups)
3-) A certified invoice (telecom, water, electricity etc.) that certifies your residence address,
4) Turks living abroad or foreign individuals, during delivery, original passport and the stamp indicating that they made a new entry to Turkey are requested controlled in addition to a valid driving license

In WindyCar branches, we are using 3-D safe payment supported electronic commerce V-POS infrastructure of our contracted banks therefore, the credit card that you will use during the rental must be valid for internet purchases.

For those who do not fulfill the above conditions, the vehicle will not be delivered even though they have reservations. In such a case, the cancellation and return conditions are valid. The rental fee may not be refunded.

Fuel :
You are requested to deliver the vehicle with the same level of fuel as you received at delivery.

You may be charged for the missing fuel in addition to service charge for less level.
Higher level of fuel is non-refundable. 

Return to Different Branch:
You are allowed to return the vehicle to any WindyCar Branch if you wish to. One-way fee may be charged if returned to a different location than the pick-up location.

Driving Abroad:
Default insurances and coverages are only valid while driving in Turkey. If you wish to drive abroad, you are requested to contact our branches, in order to get the necessary permits and guarantees.

Rental Period:
Rental prices are calculated over at least 24 hours per day;  30 days per month.

Extension of The Rental Contract:
If you wish to return the vehicle later than the date specified in the contract, you are requested to extend the contract period by contacting our offices. You may be charged %100 higher, if you return the vehicle late without extension of the contract. 

Early Return:
If you wish to return the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract, you are requested to shorten the contract period by contacting our offices. 
Reservation cancelation and amendment rules may be applied in case of cancelations.

No Show:
Your vehicle may be kept ready in our offices for 60 minutes starting from the pick-up date/time stated in your reservation.
Your reservation may not hold the vehicle guarantee if not picked up within the specified time.
You can contact our branches and effect your payment if you do not want to lose your vehicle guarantee.
In case of no show, your reservation may be canceled without refund at the end of 4 hours even if the payment is already done. 

Insurance and Guarantees:
Our insurance coverages may change due to our prices and promotions.
Against any damage, your vehicle is under the protection of 100% insurance coverage.
Additional coverages which you are recommended to include in addition to your existing coverage is summarized below.

  • Smart repair guarantee: Small damages up to 1.000 TL are accepted without official police damage report. 
  • Personal Accident insurance: The driver and the passengers in the vehicle are guaranteed up to TL 5.000 limit per person.
  • Excess Liability Insurance: Protection agains the 3rd party requests up to 100.000TL in case of damage.
  • 360 ° security package: Smart repair guarantee, Personal Accident Insurance, Excess Liability Insurance all included in one package. The highest security package with special discounted price. 

Our additional products and services:
The additional products and services we offer for a more comfortable journey are summarized below.

You can get information from our branches for rates and reservations.

  • Roof rack,
  • Child seat,
  • Navigation GPS,
  • Delivery and collection to/from address,
  • Young driver service,
  • Additional driver service

Important Notice !
In case of any damage, without moving your vehicle from the accident spot, official traffic accident and alcohol reports should be obtained by contacting the traffic police or regional gendarmerie.

Only in accidents which may happen between two or more vehicles, and which may result without any injuries but only property damages, "the property damage accident report" which may be filled by the drivers may be accepted.

If the vehicle is stolen, a police report for property theft should be obtained from the police. The report should be given to us with the key of the vehicle.

Age and Driving License Conditions:
The minimum age and driving license conditions information are shown in the vehicle reservation page.

It is the drivers responsibility to check if the subject conditions are met.

Vehicle Mileage Limits:
The milage limits of vehicles depending on vehicle car groups are shown in reservation page. 

Extra mileage of the vehicles are charged in addition. 

Mileage shown for daily rental agreements are still subject to monthly mileage limit per contract. 

Guarantee Fee:
At the date of pick-up, some guarantee payments are charged from your credit card in addition to rental fee. Subject guarantee charges are fully refunded to your credit cards in 7 bank working days if the vehicle is returned on time, complete with accessories and without damages. 

In order to rent a car from WindyCar, you must be able to present a valid credit card registered in your name. 

Reservation cancellation and amendments:
Early Reservation Campaigns : You are allowed to shorten your reservation by changing the vehicle pick-up date and time towards the return date and time. No refunds are applied in case of shortening or full cancellation.
Pre-Paid Reservations :
 In addition to amendments, you are allowed to do in Early Reservation Campaigns, you are also allowed to change vehicle groups. Some changes and amendments may be due to additional fees.
No refund is offered for reservations cancelled within the last 48 hours before the pick-up time. If you cancel your prepaid reservation within 48 hours or more before the pick-up time, a full refund is granted. 

Pay later reservations: No service charges or fees are applied to pay later reservations in case of amendment or cancellation however, some changes may be subject to additional fees and charges. 

Due to security reasons, any refunds may be posited to your credit card account in 1 month after cancellation. 



SECURITY COMMITMENT: All your purchases at Windycar.com.tr are 100% secure with SSL certificate. Your credit card information that you will use in your payments will be used in pos process and not stored in our system.

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